Jessie Duarte, political bankruptcy is a serious threat to national harmony. Voting [a] corrupt and incompetent ANC out of power will not lead to civil war. It will save RSA.”

This is what former ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza said in response to comments by ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte over the weekend during a virtual memorial service for struggle stalwart Rajes Pillay.

Duarte expressed concern about rampant corruption in the ruling party, saying it will continue if it is not exposed.

“Those people who are consistently looting our state coffers are people who will continue to loot if we do not continue to expose. Some of us are paying a price for that exposition, we don’t talk much about it but the price will continue to be paid long into the future. Long after the Zondo commission has finished, the price will continue to be paid for making sure the looting stops,” she said.Duarte said without the ANC in power, SA would be in a state of chaos which could lead to a civil war.

“It is very difficult when you speak with people who doubt that the ANC should continue and you know in your heart that you will never live in a country where there is no ANC because the opposite to that will be chaos and undoubtedly a civil war that we don’t all want. But at the same time, it can only be an ANC that is lifted through the work of all of us.”

On Monday, Khoza said corrupt ANC rule and looting will result in lawlessness.

“Continued corrupt ANC ruling [sic] and looting will trigger a revolution and lawlessness of unprecedented proportions,” she tweeted.

Some responded to Khoza’s tweet, saying Duarte’s comments are a threat to democracy and labelling her a fear monger, while others pointed to Khoza’s own history with the ANC.

These are some of the reactions:


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