Time to make some room in the binders, collectors … Bernie Sanders is now getting a baseball card based on his ‘fit at Wednesday’s inauguration — and it’s pretty amazing!!

The guys at Topps just designed a piece based on the incredibly meme-able shot of Sanders at Joe Biden’s historic event … offering up the one-of-a-kind card for $9.99.

As part of the Topps Now program, collectors have until Jan. 28 to purchase the card … and Topps will then print off however many were sold and send them out.

The beauty of it all for collectors? Topps says the Jan. 21 to Jan. 28 timeframe is the ONLY times in history they’ll produce this card — so it could make the thing super valuable down the road.

Unique spin on the hobby, right??

Sanders’ iconic shot at POTUS’ festivities won’t just be memorialized in a card form, though … he’s also getting a bobblehead treatment!

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame unveiled Thursday they’ve created a piece based on Sanders’ mask, jacket and gloves for $25 a pop!

Feel the Bern!!