A man at a protest against the national lockdown was arrested on Saturday after allegedly pulling off a television journalist’s face mask at the beach in Fish Hoek.

The man, who was not wearing a mask when he was taken into custody, was put in the back of a police van after the alleged incident involving eNCA reporter Monique Mortlock.

eNCA reported that some of the same protesters had attended a demonstration at Muizenberg beach last week, calling for the reopening of beaches.

Mortlock said the man, whom the broadcaster wanted to interview, complained about not being able to hear what she was saying because of her face mask.

“He then said he can’t speak to people who wear masks … He then goes on to pull my mask from my face, rips it off,” she said.

While the man was being led to the police van, somebody shouted: “Peace, we want peace!”

Others shouted: “Leave him alone.”