Government has launched the platform that will eventually allow everyone in South Africa to register for a vaccine.

The registration process is aimed at healthcare workers, but currently allows others to register as well.

In a briefing last week, the department of health made it clear that the platform will be used to allocate vaccines to all South Africans.

The online EVDS platform, which works on both smartphones and desktop browsers, will assist government in tracking its supply chain, and in allocating appointment slots to registered users.

The EVDS will record all details on every dose administered.

The system also allows you to pre-book vaccination appointments according to your nearest and most convenient healthcare facility.

South Africa’s first jabs are due to be administered to frontline healthcare workers from the middle of February, with phase two of the programme – targeting essential employees, the elderly and those with comorbidities – expected to begin in May.

The national department of health, as sole administrators of the EVDS, note that vaccination and enrolment on the system is voluntary.

The platform’s terms and conditions note that “enrolment is not a guarantee of vaccination”.