Tesla has refreshed its popular Model S luxury electric sedan with a new exterior, improved battery and powertrain, and a total overhaul of the cabin.

The new Model S Plaid features a tri-motor all-wheel-drive platform offering 1,020 brake horsepower and a top speed of 321km/h.

Tesla claims it is the world’s fastest-accelerating electric car, capable of going from 0-100km/h in 1.99 seconds.

While this model has an estimated range of 390 miles (627km) on a single charge, Tesla also plans to release a Plaid+ build with the biggest range of any electric vehicle at 520 miles (837km).

In terms of the exterior design, the chassis and body are wider and have been aerodynamically optimised, with subtle changes to the styling.

Gaming console inside

The inside of the vehicle has been completely revamped with one significant change being a futuristic steering yoke replacing the steering wheel.

There are also no more stalks for turning on indicators or wipers, suggesting that all of this will be operated via the buttons on the yoke.

The second row has also been redesigned to offer seating for up to three adults with extra legroom and headspace, as well as a stowable armrest with integrated storage and wireless charging.

The front infotainment system now boasts a 17-inch display which is now in a horizontal orientation and boasts a 2,200 x 1,300 resolution with higher brightness and faster responsiveness.

Under the hood, it comes with up to 10 teraflops of processing power, just shy of the 10.28 teraflops on a PlayStation 5.

With wireless controller compatibility included, this allows for playing AAA gaming titles such as The Witcher 3.

Wireless and USB-C fast charging are also available in the front, with the latter offering enough power to charge certain laptops.

The sound system comprises 22 speakers with a combined audio output of 960W and supports active noise cancellation to block out exterior sound.

Launch date and price

Production of the Model S Plaid will start in the first quarter of 2021 with the first deliveries to customers expected in March.

The standard Plaid model is priced at $112,990 (R1.73 million), while the Plaid+ carries a price tag of $132,990 (R2.04 million).

Below are images of the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Tesla Model S Plaid interior_1

Tesla Model S Plaid interior_4

Tesla Model S Plaid interior_

Tesla Model S Plaid interior_5

Tesla Model S Plaid interior_4