July 05,2016.Jackson Mthembu of the ANC NEC Sub-Committee on Communications at the Press Conference at Luthuli Houes in Johannesburg.Picture:Freddy Mavunda © Financial Mail

A shocking voicenote has emerged of an ANC leader in KwaZulu-Natal seemingly celebrating the death of the late minister in the presidency Jackson Mthembu.

In a leaked voicenote, Khabo Nene, a member of the ANC Mzala Nxumalo regional executive committee (REC) can be heard hurling insults at the late Mthembu.

The region includes Pongola and Vryheid in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Nene can be heard referring to Mthembu as “rubbish” and accusing him and the government for forcing billionaire Bill Gates, presumably through the vaccine trials, down South Africans’ throats.

She accuses Mthembu and the government at large for killing South Africans by sitting in state offices and planning — presumably in meetings aimed at fighting the coronavirus pandemic. She says South Africans have lost their loved ones and that it was therefore proper that Mthembu had also succumbed to the coronavirus.

Mthembu succumbed to Covid-19 related complications on Thursday and is expected to be laid to rest on Sunday.

“We are angry, we are hurt, we are bleeding because of people like Jackson as the community of SA. Don’t think this is a game, people think we are laughing, we are hurting, our families have died because of people like Jackson who have been flaunting on the TV speaking as if they won’t die,” Nene could be heard saying.

She continues to say that Satan takes even those who have been working for him, insinuating that Mthembu was one of those. Nene says unlike Mthembu, the victims would not be a laughing stock when they finally meet their maker because they would have not killed themselves but would’ve been killed by the government.

“But those who have been killing people are a laughing stock today with people realising they can also die,” she says. Nene says that there will be more Covid-19 related deaths presumably in the government leadership