Singer-songwriter Busiswa has slammed City of Joburg (COJ) for focusing attention on removing “illegal business adverts” from street poles and traffic lights  rather than helping people who are struggling to make ends meet as a result of Covid-19.

Busiswa is often vocal about politics, and this week called out COJ on the initiative.

It started when the municipality took to Twitter with photos of their initiative to remove illegal street advertisements. In the past, the municipality has “waged war” on these kinds of ads across the city.​

In a statement posted on the COJ website about the Buya Mthetho initiative (to remove all illegal signage), executive mayor at the time Herman Mashaba let citizens know they would need to be certified by the municipality before signs are erected.

“I would also like to call on the private and public sector who make use of outdoor advertising boards to take a stand against this lawlessness by requiring outdoor advertising companies to provide them with proof their boards are indeed legal and have been certified by the city,”

Taking to Twitter recently, COJ reminded citizens they can help by taking down these outdoor ads themselves.

MY POWER hitmaker Busiswa felt the city was not dealing with the bigger problem at hand, namely helping those who have been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a pandemic and a lockdown! People need work! Yho!,” she wrote.

After a tweep in her replies defended the decision to removing the signs, Busiswa made it clear government needs to do better when it comes to uplifting the nation.

“Laws are not made as a creation by God. They are made by people and can be changed by people to reflect a just society for the times we’re living in and protect and uplift the most vulnerable of society. The poor, the unemployed, the skilled who have no work etc,” Busiswa said.