Former EFF national chairperson, advocate Dali Mpofu, has hit back at critics of the party’s policy on immigration, urging them to take a young history lesson about the African continent.

The party has sparked deep debate on social media for several years over its calls to remove all borders and unify the whole continent.

One social media user claimed he was “cool” with the party until it “encouraged the open border policy”.

“That’s where you’ve lost my vote going forward. I have travelled the world over, there’s no country with open borders. Even the small Caribbean islands take border control seriously to protect their citizens,” he added.

Mpofu responded, asking the user to research how the borders of Africa were decided and offering a young history lesson.

“Please do a little research on: who drew the ‘borders’ of Afrika, when and why? For your information the USA has open borders between 50 states. That’s the only reason it is called “the United States of America”!” he said.

His comments sparked further debate, with some backing Mpofu and others claiming the comparison was flawed.