Telkom has partnered with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) to launch a new streaming channel, TelkomONE. The mobile operator channel will house the public broadcaster’s free-to-air radio and TV channels.

The new service will stream live SABC’s television channels 1, 2, Sport and Education as well as all 19 SABC radio stations under a five-year partnership.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide South Africans with free access to watch their favorite SABC content, online, when and wherever they want,” said Telkom’s group chief executive officer, Sipho Maseko.

“TelkomONE will make it possible for subscribers to pause, go back into the program guide (time-shift) and instantly watch a scheduled TV show they may have missed. Telkom is making digital TV functionality available to all.”

The SABC will provide its content to Telkom on a non-exclusive basis. In exchange, the SABC will receive a carriage license fee as well as a share in the advertising revenue generated on the TelkomONE platform.

Customers can browse the catalog and register for free to access ‘on-the-house’ content that has a mixture of news, inspiration, and entertainment channels (SABC audio and TV channels, Africa News, France 24, Hope Channel, SBN, etc.)

They can also or subscribe to AMP subscription packages that include music, short films, TV series plus the free content by default upon registration.