SZA has reflected in a new interview about not winning a Grammy in 2018, calling it “old energy”.

The singer was perceived by many to have been snubbed by the Recording Academy when she lost the Best New Artist category to Alessia Cara.Speaking to Cosmopolitan, SZA said she had “never had dreams of being nominated for a Grammy” when she was growing up. “I thought I was going to be a gymnast and a fucking business accountant somewhere. Or working at Nike corporate or some shit in Portland. Who knows, but something that involved a power suit. So it’s not a heavy burden.

“Once you’ve been nominated and lost, you’re very much free because you’re not concerned. I passed that threshold years ago – it’s an old energy to me. Why would I be mad?”

SZA CREDIT: Getty Images

Cara’s win at the Grammys 2018 was heavily criticised, with some questioning her validity as a “new artist” when her debut album ‘Know-It-All’ was released in 2015.


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